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Facebook Update from Mike

Hello Everyone! Well I finally started work on the 5.1 Taurus 2. My studio is at the bottom of the garden here in the Bahamas although all the equipment is in my office back up at the house. I have been trying to work out why I was not getting any digital signal down there for the audio. I finally found out my two dogs ( They are Potcakes and brothers ) have chewed the cables !!! So anyway it is all fixed now and I am back to work. It really sounds fantastic and does not need much mixing, as I think by the time I recorded these track I was a pretty good sound engineer and used to record every effect as well. Oh you should check out my son Luke's site as he is working now in the same studio where I recorded these albums Mike x

Mike Oldfield plays to his biggest ever audience

We hope you managed to see the Olympics Opening Ceremony - we’ve been itching but unable to share for months! We (and it seems the rest of the World) were mightily impressed with Danny Boyle’s incredibly diverse and humorous presentation of Great Britain, made all the more special because Mike's World-class, timeless and epic work has finally got the recognition and exposure it deserves. It goes without saying that Tubular Bells, Two Sides, QE2 and Platinum are all much higher in the Amazon charts than they were yesterday! Mike's contribution is available in full on the Isles of Wonder album. Hats off to all involved!

Mike Oldfield in London

On the eve of the Olympics Opening Ceremony, which features Mike's music and the World's largest harmonically tuned bell, Mike has been spotted in London. We suggest you may want to watch the Opening Ceremony tomorrow at 9pm (BST)!

Platinum and QE2 Deluxe Editions

In addition to Mike recently announcing he is working on the "project of a lifetime" (more on this here, but more still to come), Platinum and QE2 Deluxe editions and a self compiled career restrospective are to be released on 30th July.

Mike guests on new Terry Oldfield album

Terry Oldfield has finished work on the recording of his new album Journey Into Space featuring Mike on guitars. It includes a track called Flight of the Eagle, which is an arrangement of a piece that Mike and Terry used to play live in Barefoot, their pre Tubular Bells band.  This track also features Mike on guitars. Further details are available at Terry's website.

New radio Interview

Phoning in from the Bahamas, Mike was guest on Radcliffe & Maconie on BBC's 6 Music today. As well as talking about Incantations, key extracts were that he has done a remote recording session with drummer John Robinson via Skype and has been working on club remixes of old material. He said there "may be something next year, with the possibility of a live show, although it's very early days". We will share any updates here as soon as we get them. He also confirmed that preliminary work on the Telecaster album has not progressed, although the ideas are stored and may develop one day. Most importantly, he announced he is still working and producing whilst also spending plenty of time playing with the kids!