Heaven’s Open

Heaven's Open February 18th, 1991

1. Make Make 4:16
2. No Dream 6:02
3. Mr. Shame 4:22
4. Gimme Back 4:09
5. Heaven's Open 4:28
6. Music From The Balcony 19:44

"The Band" were: Simon Phillips, Drums Dave Levy, Bass Mickey Simmonds, Hammond, Piano Michael Oldfield, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards Andy Longhurst, Additional Keyboards Courtney Pine, Saxophones, Bass Clarinet

The "Sassy Choir" were: Vicki St James, Sylvia Mason-James, Dolly James, Debi Doss, Shirlie Roden, Valerie Etienne Additional vocal Harmonies by: Anita Hegerland, Nikki 'B' Bentley, Tom Newman

Boffinry: Richard Barrie Thanks also to: Helena Shenel, Jeremy Parker

"The Digits": Atari, C-Lab, Fairlight, Akai S 1100, EMU Proteurs, Roland D 50, D 550, Korg M1, Steinberg 'Topaz'

"The Mixer": Harrison series X, "The Recorder": Sony 3348, "The Microphone": B & T K

Produced and Engineered by: Thom Newman Mixed by: Michael Oldfield assisted by Thom Newman All tracks written and sung by Michael Oldfield