1983 – Crises

May 26 France Strasbourg 27 Dijon 28 Evry 30 Metz 31 Paris June 1 Lyon 2 Clermont-Ferrand 3 Bordeaux 4 Spain Barcelona 5 San Sebastian 7 France Toulouse 8 Nantes 9 Quimper 10 Le Mans 11 Lille 12 Belgium Brussels 13 The Netherlands Nijmegen 14 Germany Hamburg 15 Berlin 17 Essen 18 Darmstadt 19 Augsburg 20 Luxembourg 22 London - Wembley Arena

The Friday 22 July Wembley concert. Tenth anniversary of Tubular Bells.

Musicians Simon Phillips (drums), Maggie Reilly (vocals), Roger Chapman (vocals), Ant (guitar), Pierre Moerlen (drums and percussion), Phil Spalding (bass), Graeme Pleeth (keyboards) Simon House (violin) - tour managed by Sally Cooper

For the latter concert, the set opened with Woodhenge going into a medley starting with Incantations part 3 opening, faithful version of Tubular Bells, and Crises (the enormous tower lighting up, the laser flashing all over the arena from the top and the HUGE moon rising over the tower during the drum build up to the climax!) in second half, Mount Teide, Moonlight Shadow and Shadow on the Wall. Footage was shot but was not deemed good enough for commercial release. There were four gigantic speaker towers in each corner. One reviewer, Mark Steels, said, "As a spectacle .. only marginally more exciting than watching a bus queue .. but this quite anonymous performer let the music do the talking for him instilling .. impressive freshness."

The dates in Germany, France and Spain had audiences up to 40,000 according to Derek, Jewell, who added, "Oldfield played to packed halls at a time when many tours were cancelled. Many other bands were on the road including Supertramp, Bowie, and Dire Straits."