Exposed July 17th, 1979

1. Incantations (Parts 1 & 2) 26:31 2. Incantations (Parts 3 & 4) 20:50

1. Tubular Bells (Part 1) 28:42 2. Tubular Bells (Part 2) 12:00 3. Guilty 5:37

Recorded live in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and England during March and April 1979

Produced by Philp R. Newell and Mike Oldfield Guitars: Mike Oldfield, Nico Ramsden Guitar, Vocals: Phil Beer Bass Guitar: Pekka Pohjola

Drums, Percussion: Pierre Moerlen Percussion: Mike Frye, Benoit Moerlen, David Bedford Bodhran: Ringo McDonough

Keyboards: Pete Lemer, Tim Cross Vocals: Maddy Prior

Trumpets: Ray Gay; Ralph Izen, Simpo Salminen, Colin Moore Flutes: Sebastian Bell, Chris Nicholls

Violins: Don McVay, Pauline Mack, Danny Daggers, Melinda Daggers, Liz Butler, Ross Cohen

Celli: Nigel Warren-Green, Vanessa Park, David Bucknall, Jessica Ford Basses: Nick Worters, Joe Kirby

Choir: Debra Bronstein, Marigo Acheson, Emma Freud, Diana Coulson, Mary Elliott, Mary Creed, Cecily Hazell, Wendy Lampitt, Clara Harris, Emma Smith, Catherine Loewe

String Arrangements by David Bedford

Extract from 'Hiawatha' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Executive Reording Supervisor: Philp R. Newell Reording Unit: The Manor Studio's Mobile Remixing Studio: The Town house, London

Recording Engineers: Alan Perkins, Greg Shriver, Kurt Munkacsi Assistants: Ken Capper, Chris Blake

Special thanks to Sally Arnold, tour co-ordinator