The best of Mike Oldfield Elements September, 1993

1. Tubular Bells opening theme 4:16
2. Family Man 3:45
3. Moonlight Shadow 3:25
4. Heaven's Open 4:27
5. Five Miles Out 4:14
6. To France 4:42
7. Foreign Affair 3:53
8. In Dulci Jubilo 2:49
9. Shadow on the Wall 5:07
10. Islands 4:17
11. Etude 3:06
12. Sentinel 3:56
13. Ommadawn excerpt 3:38
14. Incantations part four excerpt 4:38
15. Amarok excerpt 4:43
16. Portsmouth 2:00

The fantastic Elements DVD from EMI is so stunning, that we did not believe the track listing until we saw it. Including videos we never knew existed, and others that we have not seen for years, this collection really is a wonderful gift from EMI to Mike's fans!

The complete DVD is nearly 3 hours long, and will entertain anyone who has the slightest interest in Mike's music.


Track Listing: 01 Tubular Bells (Part One) - Live 2nd house (BBC TV performance - 1976) 02 Don Alfonso 03 In Dulci Jubilo 04 Portsmouth 05 William Tell Overture 06 Guilty 07 Blue Peter 08 Wonderful Land 09 Five Miles Out 10 Moonlight Shadow 11 Shadow on the Wall 12 Crime of Passion 13 Tricks of the Light 14 To France 15 Etude 16 Pictures in the Dark 17 Shine 18 Innocent 19 Earth Moving 20 Heaven's Open


The Space Movie (Incantations)
The Wind Chimes
The Wind Chimes
North Point
The Time Has Come
Flying Start
Magic Touch
Mike Oldfield Interview

Total running time 2hrs 50 mins

We certainly didn't know that a video for Don Alfonso even existed, so seeing it on this video was a real treat. Although we have seen the other videos on this DVD before, all are presented here in outstanding DVD audio and video quality, far better than the copies circulating in fan circles.

For anyone a little newer to Mike's music, there are tracks here that have up until now been very difficult to get hold of, and even the collector who has everything will find that tracks such as Shine, Pictures in the Dark and Don Alfonso are presented in a level of digital hi-fi audio that has not previously been available.

I'm really not exaggerating when I say that there is something new for every Oldfield fan on this DVD, it's one you should not be without!