Five Miles Out

Five Miles Out March 19th, 1982

1. Taurus II 24:49 2. Family Man 3:45 3. Orabidoo 13:03 4. Mount Teidi 4:10 5. Five Miles Out 4:17

Maggie Reilly - Vocals Morris Pert - Percussion, Keyboards Tim Cross - Keyboards Rick Fenn - Guitars Mike Oldfield - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Mike Frye - Percussion Paddy Moloney - Uileann Pipes on 'Taurus II' Carl Palmer - Percussion on 'Mount Teidi' Graham Broad - Drums on 'Five Miles Out'

Strings on 'Five Miles Out' arranged by Morris Pert and conducted by Martyn Ford

Produced and engineered by Mike Oldfield Except 'Five Miles Out', produced and engineered by Mike Oldfield and Tom Newman And 'Mount Teidi', produced by Mike Oldfield and engineered by Richard Mainwaring

Technical Assistant - Richard Barrie